This Is Genius: No Place Like Holmes

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A one-off tv pilot co-written by Dan Tetsell back in 2005 has emerged online.

This Is Genius: No Place Like Holmes is a spoof documentary for BBC4 which takes a psychogeographical journey into Sir Arthur Conan-Doyle’s vision of London.

It was written by Tetsell with Danny Robins, and stars Justin Edwards, who you may recognise from TVO-related projects like Pixelface, Blake’s Junction 7, Lifespam, Black Mirror or Sorry I’ve Got No Head – but who is perhaps best known for his part as Ben Swain in The Thick Of It.

Also featuring the voices of Alex Lowe & Steven Berkoff, and directed by Tim Kirkby, This Is Genius is a nice slice of silly hokum that will no doubt appeal to anyone with a passing interest in Sherlock Holmes, or great comedy.  You can view it below.

1 Comment on This Is Genius: No Place Like Holmes

  1. This will piss off people who think Jeremy Brett is their Holmes and bloody well right too!


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