Stubbing Out Live!

© Rachel Stubbings

Part of the joy of The Velvet Onion for those of us working on it is that we get to shout about comics who haven’t had the masses of attention some of our regulars have received… yet!  One such talent is Rachel Stubbings, who we have been keeping a close eye on since her involvement in Jackal Films‘ glorious two-hander Love Song in 2010, and her involvement in Alice’s Wunderland pilot last year.

TimeOut have suggested she is “destined for greatness” and The List have called her writing innovative, and it’s not hard to see why.  Now Stubbings, whose internet show Stubbing Out has also featured the likes of Alice Lowe, Stephen Evans and Tom Meeten, is using Stubbing Out as a platform from which to craft her first full length stand-up show ready for Edinburgh 2012.

In this live re-imagining of the show, Rachel acts as scenester, muse and agony aunt to her patients – including the likes of Alistair Green, Nathan Williams and Sam Paphilon – sorting out problems with her prophetic skills and pearls of wisdom.

The first preview night for the show takes place at legendary venue, The Hen And Chickens on February 16th – and it’s followed by a show at the equally fab Camden Head on February 29th.  Tickets are available directly from the venues.

You can see one of the Stubbing Out webisodes, featuring Luxury Comedy star Tom Meeten, below.

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