Wix & Crilly Return

© Channel 4

Katy Wix & Anna Crilly are to feature in their own series on Channel 4.

The duo, who made a pilot as part of the channel’s Comedy Lab range last Summer, have been granted a full six-episode run after the initial episode received a warm welcome.  It is set to air later this year.

Channel 4’s head of comedy, Shane Allen – a key supporter of Luxury Comedy and the kind of funny business we at TVO like to shout about – commented: “Right from the start of 2012 we’re delivering back to back series with daring and hugely distinct comedy voices as an anti-dote to the safe, broad comedy drama you might find elsewhere.

“Channel 4 is the place to take risks and give opportunities to comedy’s mavericks and lunatics. Katy & Anna are both and we’re so thrilled they wanted to make their break with us”.

Meanwhile, Crilly can be seen alongside Gareth Tunley, David Armand and occasionally, Colin Hoult in CBBC sitcom Pixelface – and the pair continue to appear in adverts for Harvey’s Furniture, including sponsorship tags around ITV’s flagship soap opera Coronation Street!

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