Commissioned To The Skies!

© Chris O’Dowd (Twitter: @BigBoyler)

It seems that Sky1 are drastically becoming the new place to be for the latest hits in the comedy world – we all completely fell for the colorful wonderment that was This Is Jinsy, and now some familiar names from the Booshdom are still cropping up left right and center!

Firstly Julia Davis is said to be working on a new sitcom for the channel according to Chortle. Julia, who will never be too far from her dark roots, will be writing and starring in Hunderby, which revolves around Helene the survivor of a shipwreck in 19th Century. As you may remember, Davis has already made an appearance on Sky  (alongside Julian Barratt, dare we forget) in the short film of Chekhov’s The Bear.

The show will also (not-so-surprisingly) be produced by Baby Cow, who you will all know as a popular name for us at The Velvet Onion.

As if Steve Coogan wasn’t busy enough, he is also working on Starlings, another new comedy to come out of Sky1!  Along with this, Chris O’Dowd has landed himself a series based on his short film from the Little Crackers series in 2010. The series Moone Boy, tells the tale of a young boy and his imaginary friend.

For more info on all these exciting new comedy-gems, you can head over to Such Small Portions right here.

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  1. God bless Baby Cow!


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