A Post-Luxury News Round Up

The neon colours fizzing on our TV screens from last night’s inaugural episode of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy have barely faded away, and there’s already a ton of stuff to update you on:

As you’ll already know if you follow us, Noel appeared on two radio shows yesterday. To start with, he guested on Danny Wallace’s Xfm Breakfast Show in the morning. To hear the show click here; Noel appears at 1:13:48 (precisely). Then in the afternoon he was Steve Wright’s show on BBC Radio 2. You can hear this for 6 further days on iPlayer, and you’ll find Noel at around 1:33:55 (precisely…again!).

There’s also a short filmed interview with Noel on BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat here, in which he talks about the show and working with Serge Pizzorno from Kasabian on the music.

© E4

Next up is a competition that E4 is running – to win one of his much sought-after infamous painted plates; in fact to win one of the plates that features in the show, signed by the man himself! To enter the competition visit E4’s website here.

© Channel 4/Secret Peter

And finally, what did people think – what did the real world make of Noel’s new creative baby?  The buzz on twitter pushed #luxurycomedy to a Worldwide trend, and the majority of that buzz was positive. The opinion in the wider world reflected the comments in our ‘How was It For You’ post: there were a few hardcore Boosh fans who refused to accept Noel flying solo, and a few who decided it definitely wasn’t for them, but overall the response from those who watched it was very excited and positive. A typical quote from last night’s twitter feed read: Loved it! It was like a mash up of Button Moon, Mooncat and Banana Splits! Dondylion, hula hoops AND Dave Lee Roth….*win*

If you didn’t catch the show, or you reckon a second viewing might help make things a bit clearer, the first episode is now available to watch on 4oD by clicking here or on youtube here. Crazymad!

9 Comments on A Post-Luxury News Round Up

  1. Is there any possibility that I could watch it in Germany? Both links don’t work here. Boo-hoo!


  2. Aaa, world-wide fans are being discriminated against because of our locations! We want to see Luxury Comedy and yet, it is mysteriously visible to some, yet not visible to others. Who are these others, and why are they so lucky? And do they have cute shoes on?


  3. Trying to watch it but also cannot – in Australia. Please can it be made available to us? Pretty please…


  4. Same here. “Germland’s” not allowed to laugh…


  5. and Russian fans can’t watch it again… makes me sad((


  6. Self indulgent drivel. Noel obviously needs Julian’s influence to translate the wild ideas into comedy.
    Very, very disappointing.


  7. No luck viewing it it canada either 😦 I’m keeping my fingers crossed that more links will be posted!


  8. Peter Bellingham // January 30, 2012 at 9:55 am // Reply

    As a fan of the Boosh I was looking forward to this but it could not have been worse. Lots going on but none of it funny. NONE of it. One sketch even reminded me of the other telly Noel and his awful Mr Blobby character. People around the world who missed out, think yourself lucky. Come on Fielding, you’re better than this.


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