A Luxurious Takeover!

© Secret Peter / Channel 4

This week sees the launch of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy, and naturally, TVO wanted to mark this occasion with a bang.

We’ve already given you exclusive preview images of the show, but now we can confirm our Luxury Comedy Takeover is officially underway!

Over the coming days, we’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews with the people behind the show, profiles on familiar faces, a review of tonight’s exclusive press-screening and that all important first episode and much more.

The biggest news of all is the ultimate secret we’ve been keeping since the summer – when The Velvet Onion visited the set of Luxury Comedy for two days armed with a hi-def video camera, a microphone and the best intentions to bring you a unique peek behind the scenes on the show.

Naturally, the main drive of behind-the-scenes features belong to our friend, Joey Page, who has been crafting his own short for the dvd release of the show later this year – and we’ll be bringing you more on that in due time.  For now, though, we have our own exclusive and candid video interviews with Noel, Mike, Tom, Dave, Joey, Kim and Rich for you to savour – and whilst you wait for those to emerge in all their hi-def glory later this week, we’ll be whetting your appetites for the show itself every day until then.

So welcome to the takeover. The age of luxury is about to begin…

3 Comments on A Luxurious Takeover!

  1. Nononononononononononononononononono….NO! I’m already having luxury-induced nightmares from the pic’s I’ve seen.
    Can’t wait to see the show! ~========:< o:',


  2. WOW T.V.O you really are full of surprises hidden inside your onion layers! Peel off one layer of skin and there is another layer waiting to be discovered.


  3. Kim in California // January 24, 2012 at 4:56 am // Reply

    Loved the pictures!

    So excited, and yet so sad! :o[


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