CBooshies Return

CBBC’s I’m Sorry I’ve got No Head spin-off – Pixelface, starring David Armand, Gareth Tunley and Anna Crilly, started a new series today, with special guest star TVO favourite Colin Hoult!



If you missed out, it’s on BBC iPlayer, and the second episode is next Tuesday (10th) at 4.30pm on BBC1. The first series is being repeated on Saturday mornings at 8.05am on BBC2.

Fans of Horrible Histories will be pleased to see it repeated on Fridays on BBC1 at 4.30pm, and on CBBC on Saturdays and Sundays at 1.25pm.

More exciting happenings on CBBC next Monday (9th) when there’s a new sketch show written by Vic Reeves and Steve Burge (from Burge and Way). Ministry of Curious Stuff stars Vic and Dan Skinner who lead a team of special investigators.



In the first episode the team work out the chances of dinosaurs ever returning to roam the earth and find out if robots will ever take over the world. To discover the answers and see Vic dressed as a Kung Fu Monkey Warrior and as a girl who catches fairies, tune in to the CBBC channel at 5.45pm! As usual, the show will also be available on BBC iPlayer.

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