Spring Back In Time: A Look Back At April-June 2011

So far our review of 2011 has covered January to March. Today we bring you the sequel: April to June. Aaaah, Springtime…the time of fresh starts and new beginnings! And it turned out to be a very busy time in the Booshniverse too!



April started with the news of Chris O’Dowd’s appearance in The Crimson Petal and The White, a Victorian drama adaptation miles away from The IT Crowd! It was a fantastic production with a great cast and Chris was excellent in it.

The London Comedy Writers Festival took place this month, with input from TVO favourites Alice Lowe, Jaqueline Wright and Colin Hoult. It was a very busy month for Alice, she starred in  Tap at the Window, appeared with Antony Elvin at Popcorn Comedy, and had the pilot  Alice’s Wunderland broadcast on BBC Radio 4. At the time we were lucky to bag an interview with her which you can read here. We also reviewed Jackal films 2010 calendar project.

Colin Hoult announced the second New Adventures show and Paul Foot was in Australia, tweeting as he went.

TVO enjoyed a bit of a spring clean itself in April with a revamp of the TVO Amazon store, making it even easier to cater for all your comedy needs!

© Acid Jazz

Matt Berry was on tour and released the first single and video from the Witchazel album – Take My Hand. The Badgers Wake was released on vinyl for Record Store Day, and we were also excited to hear about  the physical release of Witchazel.

April was the month we first heard about Noel Fielding and Dave Brown‘s art book The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton!

IAMX were continuing the Fire and Whispers tour, and re-edited the Ghost of Utopia video.

© Robots In Disguise

Robots in Disguise announced their new album would be named Happiness vs Sadness  and they got their own YouTube channel.

Circulus were on a short tour of the North.

Noel Fielding continued the association with Kate Bush that had begun earlier in the year, appearing in her video Deeper Understanding.

In the film world, Bunny and The Bull had its American release, Gullivers Travels, featuring Chris O’Dowd, came out on DVD, and the first trailer for Anonymous was released. Publicity for Submarine continued, with glowing reviews following in its wake.

We also interviewed Hayden Black, the producer, star and writer of the new Goodnight Burbank half-hour episodes.

The second series of Mongrelswas in production, and teaser trailers released to whet our appetites.

The end of April saw the first Camden Comedy Crawl featuring Colin Hoult and Rich Fulcher.


We kicked off May with some patriotic (and otherwise!)  Royal Wedding Tweets.

© Katy Darby

The Last Summer on Earth pilot was released online. It was written by and starred Steve Oram and Tom Meeten alongside Alice Lowe, Simon Farnaby, Tony Way, Waen Sheperd, Barunka O’Shaugnessy and Shelly Longworth.

Oh, and we finally got our own The Velvet Onion YouTube channel! Now to fill it with video exclusives…

A strange twitter occurrence took place this month with Graham Linehan revealing that Osama Bin Laden allegedly watched The IT Crowd! And shortly afterwards Mr Linehan appeared on Have I got News for You. We believe the two stories to be unrelated.

© Mog

Fulchfest returned this month and we were there to report on the happenings! Rich Fulcher also appeared at Just the Tonic in Nottingham and ran a Tiny Acts competition. He also found time to appear as a cross-dressing Dad in the improv stoner film High Road. Then he announced that he would be taking Tiny Acts of Rebellion to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Busy fella!

Paul Foot confirmed that his Edinburgh show would be called Still Life and Colin Hoult announced his would be called Inferno. Paul Foot could also be heard in an episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage with physics heart-throb, Professor Brian Cox.

Blockbuster gross-out movie Bridesmaids was released this month in the US,  and lead man Chris O’Dowd appeared on the Conan show.

Our resident Swedish correspondent reviewed IAMX in Stockholm.

Government Inspector starring Julian Barratt had a preview run in Warwick, and videos of the cast talking about the show were released by The Young Vic.

Oliver Ralfe’s Dylan documentary Tangled Up With Dylan – The Ballad of AJ Weberman was shown on BBC4. We even received a comment to our post from AJ Weberman himself!

Head of Boosh management Peter Bennett-Jones received a BAFTA.

© Ray Burmiston

Dan Clark ended his tour at the Bloomsbury Theatre, and also confirmed that How Not to Live Your Life would end with a  Christmas Special later in the year.

Hot Brew hosted  splendid evening of music and comedy at the Forgery Club, which also starred Steve Oram, Colin Hoult and Stephen Evans.

Also this month Katy Wix filmed Fun Police with Vic Reeves, the first Mongrels teasers for series 2 were released and a new series of award-winning Horrible Histories started.

Richard Ayoade was in  New York, to talk about Submarine.

The Rob Bryden Christmas Special was filmed this month, with Boosh fans invited to attend in fancy dress. A couple of Velveteers tagged along, looking ridiculous! You can read the report here.


© Keith Pattison

Government Inspector starring Julian Barratt opened in London, bringing with it a frenzy of reports and interviews, here, here, here, here and here. Don’t miss our review while you’re at it.

This month we also gave you the chance to become a scribbling in The Scribbling’s of a Madcap Shambleton. Did you make it in there?

We also saw the last  Fulchfest before the Edinburgh madness commenced.

Colin Hoult, Rich Fulcher, Paul Foot and Dan Clark revealed their Edinburgh Festival Fringe plans. Colin also appeared in a new TV comedy sketch show Improvisation my dear Mark Watson, wrote and performed in a radio show The Headset Set and appeared on stage with Ardel O’Hanlon. While Paul released a CD of Ash in the Attic. Dan started work on the final of How Not to Live your Life.

Bridesmaids was released in the UK  and Chris O’Dowd appeared all over the place to publicise it.

© Richard Bacon

Noel Fielding was interviewed about his fondness for surrealist artist René Magritte in the Observer. And he also made quite a splash at Wimbledon, confusing Boris Becker in the process!

Also in June Mongrels series 1 began a repeat run and Lucy Montgomery starred in her own Radio 4 sketch show, Lucy Montgomery’s Variety Pack, also featuring Waen Shepherd, alongside Philip Pope, Sally Grace and Natalie Walter.

And we finally got to show you our video of the Comedy Craw, filmed a few weeks earlier.

Tom Meeten, James Bachman, Shelly Longworth and Steve Oram brought you Question Time After Party  and Not Later with Jules Holland on the BBC Comedy Channel.

And finally, as June drew to a close Horrible Histories was given a slot on BBC1, helping it to attract a larger mainstream audience, at the same time as bringing in Stephen Fry as the narrator.

So you can see that it was a very busy time for the Booshniverse, but it’s not over yet! Look out for the next instalment of our Review of 2011 coming soon…

1 Comment on Spring Back In Time: A Look Back At April-June 2011

  1. I went to the July 6th Matinee of Government Inspector.

    and I met Julian after the show. One of the sweetest, most awkwardly adorable people ever.

    He was so nice to me and all – gave me a hug, despite me being all hyper.


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