Luxury To Look Forwards To

If you’re a regular peeler of this here Onion it won’t have escaped your attention that we’re mere weeks away from a very exciting TV happening. Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy hits our screens on 26th January on E4 – this month!

© Dave Brown / Secret Peter

© Dave Brown / Secret Peter

For those of you who already know for certain that a tangible version of the show just has to grace your shelves you can pre-order the DVD now. It’s released on 19th March for £11.99, and you can pre-order it via The Velvet Onion’s Amazon store. As yet there’s no information about the Blu-ray release or the extras included on the DVD, but given Noel’s track record with Boosh DVD releases, it’s bound to be bursting with added bits & bobs.

Some of you may also have spotted that a series of brilliantly obtuse trailers advertising Luxury Comedy have started appearing on E4. As soon as we can get hold of official links to the trailers we’ll share them with you.

We’re already counting down the days to 26th!

8 Comments on Luxury To Look Forwards To

  1. “For those asking about a non-UK release of Luxury Comedy… nothing announced atm. May depend on international sales?”

    I just saw this on Twitter and not quite sure what it means. Are you guys the only ones so far selling it or will it be available else where for pre-sale?

    I may have misunderstood this but from what im reading is that we won’t find out if its going to be released internationally until there is enough sales from it selling internationally.

    Just keen for the show and no idea if i’ll still be in the UK by then if i do pre-order it now, I don’t want to be at a loss.


    • The DVD will be available via all the ususal sales channels, and there’s plenty of time to pre-order it before it’s released, so don’t worry. Our TVO amazon store links through to, so if you have an existing account your details will already be in there. Don’t worry, it’s not a just shack at the end of our garden 😉

      Most popular DVDs get international releases at a later date (or can be ordered from the UK if not). We haven’t had any official confirmation beyond what we’ve already been able to tell you, but as soon as we know more we’ll be sure to let you know.

      Hope this helps


      • To develop this a bit further… I imagine there won’t be a release on dvd in, for example, the USA, until a US network or cable channel has had the chance to broadcast it. If it *IS* to reach America, it’ll hit television first, then dvd, more than likely. Pure speculation based on what little we know and are allowed to share with you!


      • Thanks for that guys. Always a big help


  2. so excited!!!!!!!!!


  3. That’s great news. I cannot wait to see the trailers. I don’t always watch E4 so have missed any that have been on so far. The photo’s look so spectacularly 60’s – I am beyond excited as to me this was the most exciting period for social and cultural change – plus I adore the fashions! Style was born in the 60’s as far as I am concerned! The Mary Quant iconic bob, Vidal Sassoon, the mini-skirt, the monochrome look – just to name a few. Plus the furniture – those giant egg shaped chairs, those giant geometirc designed rugs, the black winged eyelined, the lashes Omg! I really should shut up now. Post the link to the trailers when you have the links. Cheers Onion gang.


  4. The advert is killing me, totally can’t imagine it on czech tv. I’m deeply obsessed in advance, gotta have to eat a piece of chocolate every day to make it through january.


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