Graham ‘Ladykiller’ Linehan

© The Ladykillers

The classic Ealing comedy The Ladykillers has been brought back to life by Graham Linehan.

Graham Linehan, who you might recognise as the writer and director of The IT Crowd, Father Ted, Black Books and Jam, has adapted The Ladykillers for the stage. Together with director Sean Foley (The Play What I Wrote, Brass Eye), they have made the black comedy come alive in a new, hilarious and wonderful adaptation which has gotten great reviews from critics and audience as well.

This adaptation of the Ealing comedy from 1955 is praised for the amazing cast which consists of Marcia Warren (This Is Jinsy), Ben Miller (The Armstrong and Miller Show), Peter Capaldi (The Thick Of It), James Fleet (The Vicar of Dibley), Clive Rowe (Manderlay) and Stephen Wight (Whites).

The Ladykillers is a play about an old widow, Mrs Wilberforce (Marcia Warren), who lives alone with her parrot and a very active imagination. Her tendency to report miscellaneous suspicious-seeming happenings to the police has made her seem untrustworthy. One day, a gang of criminals rent rooms at her house while posing as musicians but things go awry after their heist when Mrs Wilberforce realises the truth and says she will report them to the police. Hilarity and confusion ensues as the criminals are forced to face the music and do the only thing left… they need to silence the old lady.

The play can been seen at the Gielgud Theatre now until 14 April 2012. Visit the official site for performance times and ticket prices.

1 Comment on Graham ‘Ladykiller’ Linehan

  1. Saw it when it came to Liverpool and it was amazing! Also Graham Linehan walk past me! Haha :’)


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