Luxury Scribblings

© Canongate Books

© Canongate Books

We’ve already told you about the limited edition canvasses of Noel Fielding‘s art, but if there’s still room on your Christmas list how about a Special Edition of The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton?

A total of 250 copies of the book will be made available, with the first 100 copies on offer at the special price of £100 (usual price £150).  All orders will be dispatched after the 14th December 2011, and will take 1-3 working days to arrive.

The Special Edition features the following:

• The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton book signed by Noel Fielding and Dave Brown, and numbered
• The front and back of the book embossed with Noel’s artwork
• The book in a box covered in bright yellow real linen, to match Noel’s overalls, and lined with a polka-dot pattern which appears in the book
• The box embossed with 3 coloured foils (black, white and red)
• 2 signed prints; one a high-quality photo of Noel (10” x 8”), and the other a screen print of one of his pieces of art which appears in the book
• The screen print is 285mm x 225mm and it is printed on a thick, textured stock with hand-torn edges. It’s embossed with a limited edition stamp

For additional photographs of the book and its content and to order a copy visit Canongate Book’s website here. Happy shopping!

10 Comments on Luxury Scribblings

  1. meh i wish i had enough money 😦


  2. I wish I lived in the right country & had enough money 😦


  3. same here!!!


  4. I love Noel, but £100+ for a book? My love for him can only stretch SO far, would be nice to have but for that price it can stay there. lol


  5. Over coffee this morning, I told my husband I would like a copy of “Luxury Scribblings” for Christmas. After making a couple of inquiries regarding the purchase, he gave me a deadpan look and said “So you want the lost unpublished manuscripts of Harry Potter for Christmas.” 🙂 We also reside outside of the UK.


  6. bought one! x x x


  7. can this be hand delivered by Noel? will buy 2 if so!


  8. Getting one for Christmas. Better than an iPod. So happy to be getting this book and a This Is Jinsy DVD. It’s all I need for Christmas. :’}


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