Pour Some Bad Sugar On Me

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Julia Davis and Sharon Horgan will star in new spoof telenovela style melodrama Bad Sugar.

The half-hour pilot for Bad Sugar was recently commissioned by Channel 4. The show will star the highly acclaimed comic actresses Julia Davis, Olivia Colman and Sharon Horgan. The actresses have also written the show together with Sam Bain (Four Lions) and Jesse Armstrong (Black Mirror) and as a team they have previously written award-winning shows like Peep Show and The Old Guys.

Bad Sugar will be in the style of a typical telenovela melodrama but with a British twist. It revolves around a dysfunctional, wealthy mining dynasty which, as the description implies, will face many problems that will amuse and engage the viewers.

Ben Palmer (Star Stories) who recently directed The Inbetweeners film is listed as the director. Other big names that will star in Bad Sugar include Peter Serafinowicz, Reece Shearsmith and David Bradley.

Sophie Clarke-Jervoise, the executive producer, has said that “Bad Sugar is a darkly comic world where anything can happen, and does!”.

The show will be airing on Channel 4 next year. We can hardly wait!

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Angela for this.

1 Comment on Pour Some Bad Sugar On Me

  1. I’ll give it a go. By the way, I just recently watched the last episode of This Is Jinsy and it mentioned the residents of the island being great fans of a period drama called ‘Pameric’ (a reference to ‘Penmarric’, a period drama set in the West Country?). Apparently this drama was badly acted and the sets were non-existant which I took as a dig at the Beeb’s history of that sort of thing.

    Somehow the transmission of ‘Pameric’ got disrupted by a live feed to the rival island where Maven and his assistant were talking amongst themselves and revealing hitherto unknown secrets – was this a reference to reality television becoming more popular as the audience grew for this?


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