I, Berry

The BBC Media Centre has announced that Matt Berry has his  own six part radio series starting in the new year.

© Andy Hollingworth

© Andy Hollingworth

I, Regress is written by  Matt who stars as a twisted regression therapist, taking his patients on a surreal and unsettling journey into their unsuspecting sub-conscious.

The all-star cast includes Matt’s IT Crowd co-star Katherine Parkinson, Morgana Robinson, Simon Greenall, Jack Klaff, Tara Flynn, Alex Lowe and Playschool’s Derek Griffiths!

The first of the weekly 15 minute shows is on Tuesday 3rd January at 11pm on BBC Radio 4, and will be available on iplayer after this.

1 Comment on I, Berry

  1. Big up for having Simon Greenall (Michael from I’m Alan Partridge; the main commentator in Pete Versus Life) in that cast, but what a coup to have Derek Griffiths of Play Away and Bod fame!


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