It’s A Wonderful How Not To Live Your Life

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Dan Clark has finally announced that the Christmas special of How Not To Live Your Life will be airing on Thursday 22nd December.

The show is sadly one of many of our favourite BBC comedies to feel the sting of the BBC cuts earlier this year, meaning that this hour long special is to be the final conclusion of the show (which may mean we can now cease coming up with How Not To Live… puns, but we’re devastated nonetheless).

The episode, entitled It’s A Don-Derful Life, will be rounding off all those questions we’ve been asking ourselves since the end of series 3 – will Abbie come back? Is anyone guest starring? And what really is Eddie’s story? Let’s hope Clark is kind to us and we can sleep easy that night!

You’ll find HNTLYL on BBC3 at 9pm on Dec 22nd. You can buy all the previous series right here with us along with all of Clark’s other work.

3 Comments on It’s A Wonderful How Not To Live Your Life

  1. ah, this makes me happy! Can’t wait!


  2. So disappointed that this show has ended; genuinely one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.


  3. A shame this is being axed – it’ll leave plenty of money for interchangeable cookery shows and property porn.


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