The Reprisalizer

© Matthew Holness

Our attention has been drawn to a new website called The Reprisalizer featuring “The violent paperback worlds of Terry Finch”

On closer inspection the website turns out to be the work of Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace writer and star Matthew Holness.

The site is dedicated to The Reprisalizer, real name Bob Shuter,  who became a vigilante in Kent to avenge his brother in a series of books by Terry Finch. There is also mention of Terry’s series of ‘Draw‘ books, about Kirk Draw, a Civil War veteran. Terry doesn’t write these books now due to legal action!

The attention to detail on the whole site is amazing, with a fanzine, reproductions of the book covers and some of the stories and a full history. It is obviously still a work in progress as we are promised e-books and podcasts are coming soon. There is also a blog tag, ready for blogging.

If you can’t wait to read all about Terry and his creations click here, but be warned, you may be there for some time!

And don’t forget you can see Matthew Holness in the new series Life’s Too Short on BBC2, Thursday at 9.30pm.

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