Fielding On Film x 3

More visual goodies from the Canongate Books team have just made their way online! This time we get to see Noel Fielding preparing for his 2010 art show at Gallery Maison Bertaux, Bryan ferry versus The Jellyfox.

The three videos serve to promote Noel’s book The Scribblings of a Madcap Shambleton, and they provide delightful little nuggets of the Madcap Shambleton in action.

In the first video, titled Noel’s Art Studio, the viewer is invited into the studio where the art magic happens. In addition to the traditional Fielding craziness, we’re treated to small news tidbits, such as how the Bryan Ferry installation came about. Moreover, Noel tells an great story about how Ferry wanted to buy one of the paintings of himself but it had already been sold. When Fielding then offered to paint a new one for him, Bryan hilariously asked if he needed to pose for it.

The next video shows the art show at Gallery Maison Bertaux being hung and the opening night of the exhibition. Sharp-eyed peelers will spot many familiar faces in the video (including Dave Brown, of course), as the likes of Matt Berry, Rich FulcherPaul Foot, Julian Barratt, Mike Fielding, Nigel Coan, Vic Reeves and many many more pop up here and there.

Bryan Ferry (Dave Brown) and The Jelly Fox (Noel Fielding) can be seen playing a badminton match in the third and final video. In the middle of Greek Street, the two characters from Fielding’s paintings battle it out, surrounded by a cheering crowd. An ordinary Saturday night in Soho really!

6 Comments on Fielding On Film x 3

  1. It’s so weird to see Maison Bertaux so crowded. When I went to see Noel’s show, I was completely alone down there. It was nice, actually.


  2. The Velvet Onion does it again! Thanks TVO! 🙂 x


  3. This is amazing! It’s like being inside a really fashionable mental asylum where the patients are more beautiful and interesting than the “normal” people! That haunting music as an audio backdrop just highlights the intense excitement and atmosphere. I wish I could have been there to see such a spectacle. I hope the book does really well. I am sure it will!


  4. Fanny BOISVERT // November 23, 2011 at 1:41 pm // Reply

    Noel & Dave with Julian and Rich appearances ! Nostalgia…


  5. this was just the cutest :’)


  6. wish i lived down south, nothing happens in newcastle!! love the brian ferry faces!!


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