Chris O’Dowd Heads For Home

Chris O’Dowd has been visiting his home town of Boyle, Co Roscommon in preparation for a new six-part series he’s written for Sky.

© Matt Kavanagh / The Irish Times

© Matt Kavanagh / The Irish Times

Moone Boy is based on O’Dowd’s own childhood growing up in the town; in the series he plays the part of the imaginary friend of 11-year-old Martin Moone, whom he leads astray. Their adventures loosely draw on his own childhood in Boyle, and he’s keen to film some of it on location there in a push for authenticity. He visited Boyle last week with a film director and production designer, to scout locations for filming in the new year.

Irish newspaper Sligo Weekender today put out a call for local actors to feature in the series. O’Dowd’s father, Sean, has said of the local flavour of the show: “Chris loves Boyle and loves Boyle people. He’s a big Boyle man and everyone mentions when he comes home that he’s not one bit affected by his success.”

To top it all off, the actor and his brother are also working together on a new Irish movie which recently received funding from the Irish Film Board. Hollywood may be beckoning post-Bridesmaids, but it’s clear where home is!

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