Bride Of Vernon Goes Live

You may remember a while ago now we mentioned Bride Of Vernon – a student made animation which featured the voice talents of our very own Dan Clark and IT Crowd’s Katherine Parkinson.

At the time we could only provide you with the trailer but now, the short is available to watch in all it’s glory online!

This film, based on the classic Frankenstein story by Mary Shelley, follows Vernon who finds a partner in Mary Mae before it all goes awry. This Ardman inspired stop-frame animation really shows you what today’s aspiring filmmakers can achieve and can even gain the help of some well known names. Not too long ago, Steve Coogan offered his help to a film student in Brighton by agreeing to cameo in his horror-film project.

We admire the help that these talents offer to those budding filmmakers out there and we encourage you to take a look at Bride Of Vernon below and let us know what you think!

1 Comment on Bride Of Vernon Goes Live

  1. Aw, I liked that. “lairs don’t have post codes” haha


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