Soho Scribblings On Saturday!

© Megan Giboin

As some of you have already spotted, Noel Fielding and Dave Brown will be launching their latest artistic extravaganza on an unsuspecting public next Saturday 26th November in Soho, London.

Noel (ably assisted by Dave) will be painting a giant a 20ft x 8ft billboard in Golden Square, starting at 1pm with the painting expected to take up to two hours. The painting session is open to everyone to come and watch, although access to the location will be limited and on a first-come-first-served basis.

There will be an art area with paints and easels for visitors to create their own artworks on the day, and fans are encouraged to bring along their own work, so take along your scribblings! All paintings will be uploaded to an online gallery at, a new site which launched yesterday. Additional entertainment will be provided in the form of music from Noel’s favourite minstrels (and ours!), the glorious Antony Elvin and the Tudor Unit. TVO will be there to cover proceedings and we hope to get the chance to meet some of you lovely folk there.

There will also be a wristband element to the event; wristbands will be handed out at 10am and only those with wristbands will get access to a special viewing area and a signing. At present we don’t know how many wristbands will be handed out, but as soon as we do, we’ll let you know.  Those without wristbands will be able to watch the painting but won’t get access to the special viewing area or the signing.

This Soho painting is part of a series of live art demonstrations by Noel, following events in London, Edinburgh and Manchester. Further events are expected to take place in December and January. Of course, we’ll be sure to keep you posted!

New information about this event: There will be 100 wristbands handed out for the viewing area, but people without wristbands will have access to the art area. There will be copies of Scribblings on sale on the day, but not Noel’s earlier books or other merch. And there’s no problem at all to get other stuff signed.

10 Comments on Soho Scribblings On Saturday!

  1. Will there be a competition to win wristbands??? xxxx


  2. TBC. We’ll let you know one way or the other as soon as we can – possibly on Monday. Please note that doesn’t mean that there will be a competition happening on Monday, just that we’ll know on Monday whether or not we will be running a wristband competition later in the week. Hope that’s all clear!


  3. On the Noel Hearts Art Website it says there is a selection of work people submitted at his Manchester signing. I can’t see mine in the gallery. Do I have to upload mine to get it in the gallery? Because I obviously can’t do that because it’s with whoever took all the art work in at the signing- and I thought they were going to upload it all on to the website like it said of the leaflets they were giving out at the signing. Is the competition to win a signed copy of his art work still on?


    • Canongate are responsible for maintaining that particular site, it’s not directly connected to TVO. I suspect the reason it states that a “selection” of work people submitted is included is because they can’t use everything. We’ll see if we can get further clarity on the selection criteria so that people know what to do or not to do with their artworks.


  4. Thanks Mog. I just realised after writing that that Dave tweeted someone saying ‘ there are more going up, the whole lot are meant to be up, please be patient, sorry’ so fingers crossed they’ll get them all on the site :}


  5. We’ve asked Canongate about the art competition, and here’s what they’ve said:

    “All the fan art submitted in Manchester is now up on, and Noel and Dave are currently looking through the entries to find their top 10. They’ve got it down to a shortlist of about 30, and the final winners will be announced very soon indeed; needless to say, TVO will be the first to know when it’s been decided.”

    So we’ll let you know as soon as we hear.


    • Any news as yet? Are they any closer to choosing their winners? It must be a hell of a choice for them both. lol

      Dying to know who the winners are and what their characters where.


  6. hiya all at TVO. my daughter won the competition on wednesday to see noel n dave at golden square,.. she still hasnt been contacted by canongate books to tell her about details of what to do saturday… panic,…..:)


    • Hi Clair. I’m sorry to hear that – we passed all the winners’ contact details on to Canongate on the evening of the competition and they assured us that they would contact everyone the following morning. As far as we know everyone else has been contacted, so this is very odd!

      I’ll email them again and cc your daughter (and you) into the email. Hopefully someone will get back to you. If all else fails, I suggest she arrives with some form of ID.


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