Double Layers Tonight!

Tonight sees another chance to get a double-bill of Onion Land, with Never Mind The Buzzcocks and Mongrels taking over the BBC for an hour once more.

Buzzcocks sees the legendary Alice Cooper in the guest host chair, and Alice, as we know, is a huge Boosh fan.  Seeing as everyone at TVO adores that man [and we utterly recommend his incredible new album, btw!], we really can’t wait to see it in full.  You can catch a preview clip, and an exclusive intros round below.

Buzzcocks airs on BBC2 at 10pm, and is immediately followed by the third episode of Mongrels series two at 10:30pm over on BBC3. Tonight’s episode lets us see more of the fabulous Tony Way, as Marion (Dan Tetsell) and Destiny (Lucy Montgomery) compete for his affection.  Meanwhile, Vince (Paul Kaye) gets a telling off for spending too much time with Danny Dyer…

You can catch two preview clips for tonight’s episode below, catch the last two episodes on BBC iPlayer, pick up Series One on dvd & blu-ray from our store, and check out the massive amount of Mongrels coverage we gave you last week, including interviews with the entire lead cast and members of the production and puppet teams, by clicking on the word FORCEFIELD.

STOP PRESS: For anyone who still has some Mongrels space left in their brainbox, Nelson and Marion will be online to answer your questions at 11pm tonight! Click here to find out what an urbane fox and a homeless tomcat have to say for themselves.

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