Scribblings Competition #3: Scribble Back!

© Canongate Books Ltd.

The Velvet Onion and Canongate Books are offering you a unique chance to get your art seen by Noel Fielding and Dave Brown, with the chance to win a very special prize.

The duo will be signing copies at Waterstones, Arndale Centre, Manchester, from 2pm onwards, after Noel’s painted a unique window installation on the store from noon onwards.

What the boys want you to do is get your art kits out, get inspired and GET DRAWING!

Create your very own madcap character – a unique, ORIGINAL character of your own design – and bring the finished piece with you on Saturday afternoon.

PLEASE NOTE that you must be attending the signing to enter this competition – your artwork can be of any size or shape but you must be able to hand it in along with coming to the book signing! Good luck!

Include your FULL name & email address on the back of your scribbling, and these will be judged by Noel & Dave later this month.

Ten winning entries will be posted on the Canongate Books website, and will receive a signed, original print from the book.  So what are you waiting for?  Get yer pens out, and scribble to your heart’s content!

For all the legal T&Cs, see below.

This competition requires entrants to submit an original piece of artwork, with an original character designed by themselves, in person at the Waterstones, Manchester Arndale signing event on Saturday 12th November 2011.  The entrants will be judged by Noel Fielding and Dave Brown, and the winners will be posted on Canongate Books Ltd.’s website.  By submitting an entry to the competition, you are granting Canongate Books Ltd permission to display and distribute your work, however the copyright of any original artwork will be retained by it’s creator.   Unsuccessful entries will not be returned.  Only winning entries will be contacted.  This competition is being run by Canongate Books Ltd, with promotional help being handled by The Velvet Onion.  The Velvet Onion has no direct involvement in this promotion. One entry per person. Any entrants found making multiple entries will be disqualified.  No personal information beyond your email addresses required, and your emails will not be passed on to a third party. There is no monetary value to this competition and no cash alternative will be offered.  Canongate Books Ltd and The Velvet Onion reserve the right to withdraw this competition if any overriding issues arise.

18 Comments on Scribblings Competition #3: Scribble Back!

  1. I don’t suppose there are any limitations on what we can do, but it would be nice to know 100 % if there are any guidelines or requirements for the character. Can you use any medium? Does it have to be a specific size? Also, does it just have to be one drawing, or can it include, sort of, multiple vantage points, descriptions, close up drawings of certain details, etc? This would be great to know. Thanks


  2. Oh! Also, is there a limited number of entries that can be submitted, or is it just any one who has a wristband? Thanks x


  3. What a fantastic competition and prize!


  4. I hate to pester you for so many details, but would it also be possible to know whether you have to attend the signing to submit to the competition, or could you just get a wristband and then drop off your art work to be collected in?


  5. I would love to show Noel and Dave my art, but i’m not a city bird so i know i’d get lost in Manchester. 😦


  6. Hi all! We have amended the details in this post – but just to make it clear you must be attending the Scribblings signing to enter this competition. You can hand in your lovely pieces of artwork at the desk with Noel & Dave and we will let you know their decision as soon as they have let us know!

    Good luck to all!



  7. cool! going to enter mine, might send a copy to you on twitter x


  8. Thanks. 🙂
    I’d still really like to know: does it just have to be one drawing, or can it include, sort of, multiple vantage points, descriptions, close up drawings of certain details of the character, etc? It’s just I’d be devastated if I did something wrong and they disqualified me


  9. Why would they do that Jenny? Gosh you are a worry wart – worse than me – is that even possible! Just give it your best shot – that’s what I am going to do! In the book Noel intersperses different bits of dialogue along with scribblings/drawing and paintings juxtaposing hilarious and colourful characters. It does not seem to adhere to any set formula and neither should you! Part of expressing yourself is surely the fact that it is unique in some way shape or form. And it will be! Because it is done by YOU and whether it wins or not (obv. its a fabulous prize) then at least you took part! Not everyone will win and at least you have given it a shot. Apart from the very occasional game of bingo (showing my (very) working class) roots there (lol) I have never won a thing in my life! Or got any guest lists lists and all this malarkey, but so what! At least I am true to myself. So do not worry my dear give it your best shot and I’ll bet they will love it!


  10. Awwh thank you Sue (: Yes I do worry a great deal- I think I get it off my dad! I love art and Noel really inspires me. 😀 I was lucky enough to get into his book- I still feel so privileged he drew on my face! And to be included in such a beautiful book ❤ I will spend a great deal planning what I'm going to do, and put as much detail into it as possible. Hahah 🙂
    Aah, bingo. That brings memories of Nanageddon. :'D


  11. I know Jenny – that was one of my all time favourite episodes! Bingo was never like that when I went – if only it was! And Monsieur Fielding looked so hot dressed up in that blonde wig and red lipstick. I loved Mr Fulcher as the bingo caller as well! I’m having a bash at this competition even though I never was any good at art as such at school. I’ve always preferred the narrative as a form of expression, but I am going to attempt to do something that involves a bit of art and a bit of narrative to make a character. I think Fielding does inspire a lot of people – me included. He’s very visual and anarachic and loves to experiment with styles and colour. Maybe I will see you down there. As it is I am visiting Manchester for my friend’s birthday party that weekend, so will try and see if I can get a wristband or sutin! Ha ha!


    • This “sutin” joke will never, never, ever get old. Yay for new in-jokes entering the common parlance. 😀


    • Haha, I’ve never played bingo in a propper bingo hall before-but I hear they take it very seriously and request absolute silence! Oh yes, I seriously approve of Noel dressing as a woman, he carries it off so well. :’) ❤ And Julian suited the goth looked so much! Even though it didn't suit his character, he looked strangely attractive. Hahah. Aah, I'm sure you'll be great at the competition, if you involve a bit of narrative in there too, yeah! Yes, he inspires me a great deal on so many levels. A lot of my friends are just in love with him- mainly because they find him so attractive, but for me, I'm just enthralled by everything about him, I feel I've become quite obsessed! He's such a genuinely nice guy, and so quick witted and creative. 🙂 Yes, I might see you 😀 If only I knew what to look out for.
      Aaah, sutin. Such a beautiful story behind such a simple word. :')


  12. to be honest my scribbling looks like an alien…..or sutin 😉


  13. when will the winners be announced? i can’t wait to see everyones scribblings! 🙂


  14. It says on the terms and conditions that they will be Judged ‘Later this month’. So I imagine we will find out sometime after 1st of December.
    I was there. 4 hours of queing with some very funny people. I was the one who was Hit by a Car that morning. (Still suffering from it now!) so I dragged a Chair along with me as the que moved along. And I was wearing a Purple Long Eared Rabbit hat with a Full Length Grey Fur Coat trimmed in Pink/Purple Fur. lol Just seen a pic on their Flicker account of the day, Of Noel wearing the Fox Hat I gave him.
    Can’t wait to see the winning Characters tho.


  15. I only found out about it the night before. So I got my paper and stuff out and was up ’till 2:30am drawing. Got up 6am traveled to Manchester….. It’s all a blurr… I think I remember getting my boook scribbled on and I was back on the train by 7pm… So many hours spent in a book shop, so many hours of my life I will never get back and I don’t regret a single moment of it *_*


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