Scribblings In Manchester!

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Noel Fielding and Dave Brown will bring the Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton to Manchester this weekend!

The event begins at 12 noon on Saturday, November 12th, when Noel will take up his paints and create a unique art installation on the windows of Waterstones in Manchester Arndale.  Afterwards, at 2pm, Fielding and Dave Brown will be signing copies of the book, Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton

Due to the anticipated demand – 400 wristbands will be available from the store on a first-come, first-served basis on Saturday morning at 9am.

Naturally, The Velvet Onion will be on hand to document proceedings, so keep your eyes peeled as we’ll be hoping to speak to some of you there!

Stay peeled to TVO for more exclusive info very soon…

18 Comments on Scribblings In Manchester!

  1. Hey Didymus. Any word on the billboard Noel was meant to paint in Shoreditch at the weekend? He mentioned it on Graham Norton’s radio show and I’ve not heard or seen any pictures. I guess it didn’t happen?


  2. they NEED to come to Oxford!!! 😛


  3. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyyyy goddddddddddddddddd 😀 i have just diedd :DDDDDDDDDDD


  4. Now… I was making plans with friends for Sat… however, this is very tempting..


  5. Ohai, Velvet Onion, Please may I bum the hell outta your website right now?


  6. why can’t i find this on the Waterstones website?


  7. awww, holy crap, crap crap! Working then straight onto brothers birthday do! 😥 gutted doesnt even begin to cover it 😥


  8. Any idea how many wrist bands are being given out? Just wondering…..


  9. Emma Veronica // November 7, 2011 at 11:46 pm // Reply

    Hey, just wondering, any advise on what time i should get there in order to get a wristband and a good spot in the que 🙂 xxx


  10. YOU GUYS ARE SO LUCKY!!!!! YOU HAVE NO IDEA!! I really, really, really want to meet Noel Fielding and Dave Brown except I live on the other side of this planet (Australia) and there is no way in hell they would come and visit us. And I can’t even get a copy of ‘Scribblings’ here. 😦
    Hope you guys have fun!!!! 🙂 xx


  11. what time does it open, when can you get wristbands, how much are they? x


  12. JAIMME- Just to let you know, at the Urban Outfitters Edinburgh event there were originally going to be 300 wristbands given out, but the security guy told us they upped it to 400 hundred.
    EMMA VERONICA- me and my friends got there just a little while before they started handing the wristbands out at the Edinburgh event, thinking there would be a massive queue and we wouldn’t get them, but we did get some! In terms of numbers, there was still quite a long queue because some people had been camping over night, but, in the end, I think only a couple of people (who arrived at the signing just as the last few people were going in to get their stuff signed) didn’t manage to get wristbands, and this was because they had literally just stumbled upon it without knowing it had been going on. So, yeah, I suppose it depends on how many people turn up, but as long as you get there early there should be a chance of you getting a wristband!


  13. How many wristbands are being given out? And will we need to pay for them? x


  14. Last time they handed out 400 wristbands, and they won’t cost you anything, modqueen. 🙂


  15. I was planning to leave here at 8am, 2 hour journey to Manc for £30 and queue like buggery. This wristband malarky has dashed my dreams and I shall have to use my artwork to dry my multicoloured tears of woe.
    It would be silly to not do a book signing elsewhere. Silly!


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