Adventure Time With Fulcher

The dulcet vocal tones of Rich Fulcher have recently featured in an episode of psychedelic kids’ cartoon (and a firm favourite with the TVO crew) Adventure Time.

Rich mentioned back in March that he would be doing a recording for the cartoon, and his voice was spotted in episode 32a of Season 3, entitled ‘Apple Thief’, which has just aired in the US. It has yet to air in the UK. A short preview is available below, although the full epode is only viewable online if you’re a Cartoon Network online subscriber.

For more Adventure Time clips check out this youtube page. A-maz-ing!

While we’re on the subject of Rich don’t forget to grab your tickets to December’s Fulchfest while there are still some available. Comedy website Spoonfed has described Rich’s occasional comedy night in Kentish Town as “The comedic equivalent of riding the Nemesis at Alton Towers – our heads are spinning, we’re a little stunned, but man, was it a great rush.”

We’ll be there – will you?  Tickets are available here.

2 Comments on Adventure Time With Fulcher

  1. which one does rich play? x


  2. Noticed straight away when he spoke in that episode, 😀


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