Dvd? Dvd? This Is Jinsey? Come On Eileen? Dvd? Dvd? Dynamo? Barking? Dvd?…

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Monday sees the dvd release of two recent additions to tapestry of The Velvet Onion, and a long lost forgotten piece of history.

First up, is the complete first series of This Is Jinsey.  The show – written by and starring Chris Bran and Justin Chub – premièred on Sky Atlantic in September, and features TVO’s very own Alice Lowe and Colin Hoult in its ensemble cast, alongside a huge array of big name guest stars.

As Sky Atlantic is a premium channel in the UK, few of our readers have been able to see the show – so we imagine demand for this new cult classic is pretty high.  Oddly, despite the show being filmed and broadcast in HD, there is currently no blu-ray release scheduled.

The dvd, boasting a ‘lost episode’, two featurettes and an episode commentary, is available for pre-order in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store for just £12.99.

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Also available on Monday, in more traditional Boosh mode, is low-budget British film Come On Eileen.

A long time in gestation, and sadly only receiving a limited theatrical release, the film nevertheless has a huge ensemble cast which includes Noel Fielding and Julia Davis – whilst music from Robots In Disguise features on the soundtrack!

Again, this is available on dvd only – there are no plans at present to release a blu-ray edition.

Nevertheless, with the dvd being only £6.99 in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store, it’s hard to resist.

Whilst we’re on the subject of Noel on dvd – you may want to pick up the rather entertaining first series from magician Dynamo [recently a guest on Buzzcocks].  As we reported earlier this year, Noel and his partner Lliana Bird were cornered by the Bradford-born magic-man and wowed by his talents: with the footage featuring on this disc.

One for the die-hards, perhaps, but the show, which like …Jinsy, was only available on the premium channel Watch, is more than worth a look – and you can pick it up on dvd or blu-ray from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store now!

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Finally, Monday also sees the release of Barking – a little known 90s sketch show made for Channel 4 which features a host of big-name stars before they hit the big time.

Barking was made for Channel 4 back in 1998, and as if to prove that nothing really changes, was immediately dumped in a graveyard slot and denied a second series.  Sound familiar?

Spearheaded by Catherine Tate, David Walliams, Peter Kay, Omid Djalili, Mackenzie Crook and Marcus Brigstock – the show also featured the trio formerly known as Stay Alive Pepi – Rhys Thomas, Steve BurgeTony Way.

This, too, can be pre-ordered on The Velvet Onion Amazon Store for just £9.99 on dvd – and you can find out all the info about the show you’ll ever need over yonder.

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