Officially The End Of Summer

James Cook‘s new video for End Of Summer has been unleashed onto the world wide web.

End Of Summer is the second single from Cook’s debut solo album Arts & Sciences and the video first saw the light at a special launch party in Berlin a few days ago.

For the video, James Cook teamed up with his friends and fellow musicians Chris Corner and Janine Gezang from IAMX. Corner shot, directed and edited the video at the IAMX’s headquarters TURMWERK* while Gezang assisted with the camera work and was in charge of the styling and art design. Their involvement did not stop there though, they are both credited with guest vocals on the track and Corner with an added credit for drums. The song features the lovely Anne Marie Kirby on strings (Kirby who recently guest played at IAMX’s London show).

The IAMX influence can clearly be seen in the video, all from the way it was shot to the clothes on Cook’s back.

You can watch the video for End Of Summer at James Cook’s official website or below in this post.

*If you are curious about TURMWERK, you can read about its function and importance in our recent interview with Janine Gezang.

2 Comments on Officially The End Of Summer

  1. Beautifully shot, enigmatic video. I know what you mean about the influence of Chris Corner – his creative handprint is certainly in there!


  2. he reminds me a little bit of Marc Almond from Soft Cell in this video.


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