Now We Feel Like Ants

© Stuart Silver / The Soho Theatre

After hyping up Stuart Silver’s debut solo show, You Look Like Ants, we took it upon ourselves to visit Soho Theatre and throw in our 2 cents, on what could possibly be the most peculiar yet memorable comedy experience you may have.

When walking out of the Soho Theatre after seeing Stuart Silver, we arrived at one conclusion, with one further question still pending.

First, the conclusion: the title of the show does, clearly, derive from the prospect of Stuart being this enlightening figure who invites you to come and learn about life, death and everything in-between. The show very much makes you think. From the moment Silver walks onto the stage, ukelele in hand, he begins to preach (yes, preach) and play – about the trivialities that we go through as adults, his in depth outlook on life (with the use of rabbits as a metaphor for death), and the comparision of how we live as adults to how we lived as children.

Now  to the unanswered question: whilst the tangents Stuart goes on are mesmerising, you do sit there for a moment wondering, “Am I supposed to laugh?” If you’re familiar with the work of Kim Noble and aware of Noble & Silver’s style of comedy, then you can walk into You Look Like Ants expecting exactly what is provided.

Noble, as we know, offers a deadpan delivery with clear puns and dry wit. With Stuart he offers the complete opposite; his delivery is informative and the passion behind his words is clear nonetheless, but if you’re in the need for a knee-slapping, head-rolling-back laugh-fest, this is far from it.

© Stuart Silver

© Stuart Silver

With this, the show falls straight into the Onion world as it gives it’s audience their own time to laugh, making it feel more personal to them as an individual and generating more discussion whilst filing out of the theatre .

There is the urge to simply listen and express that feeling that so many of us have had in the past: ‘I didn’t laugh – but it was funny!’

This is a night that will leave you chattering away with your peers no-end, with many questions left to ponder at the end of it (with some seriously mean uke skills thrown in too! You have to see it to believe it!).

Stuart Silver’s show continues until October 29th so grab your tickets while he’s still there!

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