Walk All Over Boosh

If you’re in the Blackpool area, you might want to check out the latest attraction – the Blackpool Comedy Carpet!

© Gordon Young

© Gordon Young

The floor at the base of the Blackpool tower is now strewn with thousands of quotes and catchphrases from only the best comedy acts and television shows – and of course the piece wouldn’t be worth mentioning for us unless it had additions from The Mighty Boosh.

If you’re in the area, we give you the challenge of taking a look at the carpet and finding as many quotes as you can from the shows you love! Remember to report back and of course, take photos!

You can take a look at Ken Dodd talking about the attraction right here – Dodd has a portion of the centre of the floor dedicated him along with other comedy greats such as Morcambe & Wise and Tommy Cooper.

Keep peeling for more information as we find it and if you do manage to get hold of some Booshy evidence, you can send it over to submit@thevelvetonion.com

5 Comments on Walk All Over Boosh

  1. Parents just surprised me with a trip to blackpool! I think they secretly follow TVO 🙂


  2. I never though that something as random would this would happen, but you don’t know whats going on in Noel’s head. This is awesome, wish I could go 😦 🙂


    • The quotes are from the Boosh show so it wouldn’t be just from Noel’s head. Hopefully we’re get some pictures from locals so we can see exactly what’s on there! x


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