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© Ellie Blow

Last week saw the release of Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton – a hardback collection of Noel Fielding’s artwork, compiled by Noel & Dave Brown.

To promote the release, Saturday saw the duo whisked up to Edinburgh for another signing event – this time at Urban Outfitters.

With a live painting session promised, friend of TVO and comedy guru Ellie Blow was there to witness all.  Here is her exclusive report with pictures galore!

It’s a rare sunny morning in Edinburgh, and three hundred excited people are queuing outside Urban Outfitters. Either there’s a hell of a sale on, or Noel Fielding and Dave Brown are here to do some painting…

There are boxes of paints piled up in the shop window, which has been cleared to be the site of their artwork. Outside, the luckiest – earliest – few are standing directly outside the window the boys will be painting, whilst everyone else crowds in as much as possible and the people at the back bemoan their fate.

A selection of eager fans in the queue! © Ellie Blow

Suddenly, a huge cheer alerts us to the fact that things are happening; Noel appears somewhat unexpectedly from the floor below, wearing a bright yellow jumpsuit – “I feel like a Teletubby,” he jokes – and loaded down with supplies (er, Haribo). He’s followed by Dave, in far more sensible dress. Paints are mixed, brand-new paintbrushes are opened, and Noel makes a joke about the pressure of beginning something new before splodging a blob of green paint onto the window. And we’re off.

It takes them a full hour to finish the painting, which fills up the entire window (“It’s harder to paint on glass than I thought!” says Noel). Whilst he does the majority of the painting, Dave dashes from place to place in a whirlwind of energy, climbing a ladder to paint the top of the window one minute, posing for pictures with the fans who managed to get a place inside the shop the next, running outside to hand out Haribo to all and sundry, and sadly managing to accidentally avoid our camera!

Noel creating the window painting. © Ellie Blow

Once finished, there’s barely a moment to spare as they head straight up to the signing table and spend the next couple of hours signing books and chatting to people, until, exhausted, the queue finally tails off somewhere in the late afternoon. It’s been a crazy day, but to go back to Noel’s Teletubby-like dress, we have only one thing to say: “Again! Again!”

The painting will be up in Urban Outfitters’ window for the next week or so – so if you’re anywhere near Edinburgh pop down to Princes Street and have a look whilst you can!

© Ellie Blow

Scribblings Of A Madcap Shambleton is out in bookstores now, including in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

13 Comments on The Urban Scribbler

  1. thank you for the photo’s! it looked a totally fantastic day!! Fingers, eyes & toes crossed they do more signings so i can get to one!!


  2. Yayyyyy! That’s me in the hat x


  3. noel and dave got a later flight so they could see as many people as possible! they are the most lovely people in the world ❤


  4. Do you know where we can find pictures from the signing upstairs? Thanks x


  5. arrrr was such an amazing day!!! i’m still smiling like a lunatic now!!!
    had such a good spot right in front of the window and all the other fans were lovely!!!
    everyone looked amazing! the most interesting queue of people i’ve ever seen 🙂
    never thought i’d get to meet Noel, he was so nice and even more beautiful in real life!
    Big thank you to Noel and Dave for being so patient and seeing everyone! ❤


  6. I’m in that picture!! They edited my tattoo out…


  7. hi, will you be uploading anymore pictures and videos from the Edinburgh signing? it was such a great day, thanks too Noel and Dave for doing the signings and meeting everyone x


  8. I’m in one of those pics! Really was amazing watching him paint and meeting him! The book is amazing!


  9. I was there! ❤ Dave gave me a Haribow<3 And I asked him if he had a any blue paint and he said 'You're requesting blue? I'm not a paint DJ!', but then they did use some blue and he was like 'There you see.' and I gave him a double thumbs up, and Noel said 'Oh that was your idea!', or something. :') And when Dave signed my book, we wrote 'HOPE YOU LIKED THE BLUE'
    <33 Best day of my actual life. xx Genuinely lovely people.
    Yes, there are some photos out there of the signing that went on upstairs. Here is a photo of me and Noel posing with the origami lips I made him 😀


  10. @JENNY!! Where are these photos from the signing? There were so many camera’s up there, i’d like to know what they do with all the photos?
    If anyone could help that would be lovely! xxx


  11. BEST DAY EVER! i never thought i would get the meet them, i also could not belive that i got pictures with both of them, they are the nicest people ever for getting a later flight home just so they could see all of the fans! oh and also if you go on the canongate website they have pics of the day!! and the scotman’s newspaper website too! 😀


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