Through The Lens Of Sunday’s Scribblings

Yesterday we shared our short film of Sunday’s book signing at HMV with Noel Fielding and Dave Brown with you. For anyone who’s still in the dark, the signing was to mark the launch of Noel’s art book Scribblings of A Madcap Shambleton.

Today, as promised, it’s the turn of the still image. Here’s our photographic record of the event – from queue times in the morning to the signing in the evening. Enjoy:

Many thanks to Noel and Dave who very patiently permitted us to poke our lenses in their faces.

7 Comments on Through The Lens Of Sunday’s Scribblings

  1. I can’t for the life of me figure out what’s on the black shirt that (I’m guessing) was gifted to Noel. It’s a bull skull but what’s the image within the skull?


  2. awww 🙂 did anyone manage to get a photo with Noel?? x


  3. i love Noel’s green shiny top,. i planned to go to this book signing Sunday but couldn’t get there in the end. I had some canvases especially painted for Noel, one being Old Gregg and the other being The Hitcher. I would like to meet the whole mighty boosh gang, i hope i get the chance.I would probably cry with happiness if i did meet them. There must have been so many people waiting, it would have been the best day of my life if i had gone as i have wanted to meet the amazing Noel for ages. x


  4. Luuurve the photo’s. It’s so sweet seeing all the “boosh children” – they all look utterly fabulous! Mini Noel and Noelettes rocking that joan jet hair and super skinny jeans! The book’s amazing and a real inspiration to all people who like to be creative – whether it’s drawing or writing short stories. I think Noel is a very positive role model for young people who want to express themselves and follow their dreams. But let’s not forget Dave too – he’s an amazingly talented guy who I bet is so grateful not to be sweating his bollocks off in that ape suit! But hopefully maybe one day as there was talk of a film at some point? I’m sure the Onion will let us know should such a project come to fruition!


  5. aw these are really great, gonna photoshop them and pretend i was there!! 😦 🙂


  6. It was such a great day!


  7. just thought before, noel’s top looks like donnie darko 🙂


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