Psycho On A Berlin Street


Dee Plume spoke to Sophia Brown for her blog,  to discuss the world of Plume’s solo project: Psycho Delia vs The Ward.

As they sat on the Berlin street and jived to the brass-band buskers they chatted about musical idols, swearing and hugging fish.

Take a peek at our lovely robot psycho below and also over at Sophia’s Blog and also at fashion blog Stylish Kids In Riot.

Also remember that you can catch Dee spinning some cracking tunes tomorrow night at The London Fields in Hackney! Get down there and create a mental end to your weekend with the Psycho & Ward!

3 Comments on Psycho On A Berlin Street

  1. I wish she would have asked something about Psycho Delia vs The Ward instead of asking when Dee lost her virginity etc. Not very informative interview, too bad.


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