Enlightenment In Brown & Fielding

Dave Brown & Noel Fielding chatted with Bucks New Uni – during their time there when being awarded their masters – to discuss world peace and the issues in todays society, amongst several other familiar faces including Tom Robinson & Fern Britton.

Dave and Noel touch on the subject of the London Riots, Lennon & Ono and we are reminded of International Day of Peace, which may have passed already this Wednesday 21st September, but there’s always time to keep the message alive isn’t there?

3 Comments on Enlightenment In Brown & Fielding

  1. Hi,

    Glad you enjoyed my video.
    This is JedrenBlack.
    I’m a big Boosh fan and love the site.

    Keep up the amazing work,


  2. I really enjoyed watching this also. It was interesting to see Tom Robinson as he is now – quite the learned humanitarian and refined gentleman – all that anger at human injustice being channelled in quite a different way as he has matured. Great to see Noel and Dave making their musings. I know what they mean about the level of scepticism that can be applied to famous people doing charity work. The other day Janet Street Porter remarked in her column that charity work was the acceptable way for celebrities to “polish their egos” – but I disagree with her in a way because althought there might be a very slight element of that I don’t think it actually matters anyhow if the profile of the charity is raised and the funds come flooding in!


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