Travelling Cook

© James Cook

The day creeps close as James Cook’s debut solo album Arts & Sciences becomes available on October 1st for hard copies.

Along with this Cook has also announced the progress of the coming video for End Of The Summer, which he will be making with the one and only Chris Corner & Janine Gezang of IAMX fame. More information on this as it comes our way and you can also keep your eyes peeled on James’ official website and Twitter for more info.

Fans in Prague can also enjoy his musical styling’s as he is due to visit on 20th September, then he plans to make the journey to Vienna on September 21st! More information on Prague can be found here and Vienna right here.

You can still download a digital copy of Arts & Sciences over here along with Nemo’s entire back catalogue. Then after you’ve done that, you should also have a look over when we got to meet-up with James during one of his trips to London!

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