Well Good Returns

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Spencer Millman has returned to the producer’s chair for a second run of Lee Nelson’s Well Good Show.

Millman, responsible for The Mighty Boosh, Man To Man With Dean Leaner, Bo Selecta, Does Doug Know? and most recently, Harry Hill’s TV Burp, produced the first series of the studio-based stand-up/sketch-show from the mind of Simon Brodkin last Summer, and has returned for its second run.

Despite a critical pummelling, the show received strong ratings for its first season and was granted a second run, which began last week.  We’re aware it divides audiences, including here at TVO, but nevertheless, the lovely Mr Millman’s involvement means we reckon it’s worth a belated shout-out, as you can catch the series on catch-up via BBC iPlayer now.

New episodes transmit every Thursday night at 10:30pm on BBC Three.

2 Comments on Well Good Returns

  1. whilst i am not a total fan of the whole show, (aunty janet and peer pressure are annoyingly lame, cheap gags that frankly bore the backside off me), however, that said there are some genuinely funny laugh out loud moments, eg jason bent (the scouse caller in the phone in was hysterical!) and dr bob has the funnies also! If there was more along these threads with the stand up & less of the cheap ‘fillers’ the show would be “qualiteeee”! Worth a watch.


  2. me n my family love lee nelson we think he is fab and we would love to get to see him live could you please tell me how i could do this


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