Goodnight Burbank On Your TV Screen!

© Hayden Black

Fantastic news for fans of Goodnight Burbank, the cult show, written by and starring Hayden Black. The show, which started as 5 minute webisodes featuring the lovely Rich Fulcher, has finally made it to the TV Screen!

As revealed by Hayden on Facebook and Twitter, the latest series of half-hour episodes were shown on Hulu, and have now been licensed to Mark Cuban’s HDnet – a cable/satellite channel that’s available in North America and Canada.

This is the first time a half-hour web comedy has been picked up to be shown on television, so congratulations to Hayden and the rest of the Goodnight Burbank team, on this historic occasion.

You can read all about it at Hollywood Reporter, and on the Goodnight Burbank website.

There is only one downside to this story, Goodnight Burbank is still only available in North America. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s available to the rest of the World.

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