Kill List

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This Friday sees the UK theatrical release of the critically acclaimed British horror film Kill List, which features a number of TVO faces.

Directed by Ben Wheatley [The Wrong Door, Time Trumpet and the forthcoming Lowe/Oram collaboration The Sightseers], the film features former Wrong Door stars Neil Maskell [Doghouse, The Jury] and MyAnna Buring [The Descent, Doctor Who] alongside Michael Smiley [Spaced, Burke & Hare].

Maskell plays a British soldier returning home from Kiev, who joins an old friend in the business of contract killing, only to find his disturbed past forcing him to spin out of control.

A number of TVO names, who have worked with Wheatley on previous (and upcoming) projects make small appearances in the film.  One of these is another familiar face from The Wrong Door  – Gareth Tunley, whilst Alice Lowe and Steve Oram also make cameo appearances.

The film received its initial premier at the South By Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas, back in March, and was the star of UK based Frightfest last weekend.  TotalFilm have awarded the film a glowing five-star review, stating that Wheatley’s “mastery of mood and technique unleashing a visual and aural assault that’s all the more shocking for the moments of eerie quietude and inappropriate politeness that punctuate the bloodlust”.  Empire, whilst not quite as enamoured, still gave the film four-stars.

All boding well for The Sightseers, then!  You can catch the film in UK cinemas from Friday, and view the trailer below.

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