Wix Trilogy

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Katy Wix is to appear in three different pilots this Autumn for Channel 4.

The actress and comedienne is perhaps best known in the UK for her role in Not Going Out, alongside former Boosh radio series star Lee Mack, whilst international audiences may recognise her for her appearance in the third series of Torchwood, and regular TVO readers will recognise her for her appearances in Jackal Films, Time Trumpet, Horrible Histories and FM.

We told you back in May about her involvement with Comedy Showcase pilot The Fun Police – which also features Vic Reeves & Rhys Darby, and is produced by Ash Attalla.

Since then, details have also emerged about a second Comedy Showcase pilot she’ll be featuring in alongside The IT Crowd‘s very own Katherine Parkinson entitled Coma Girl – an intriguing premise featuring three old school “friends” visiting a coma patient together despite their drastically different outlooks.

The new season of Comedy Showcase is due to transmit in the Autumn, but before then, Wix can be seen in her own pilot as part of the Comedy Lab range.

Set to air on September 2ndAnna & Katy, features Wix alongside Anna Crilly in their own sketch show, which appears to feature a variety of channel hopping tv genre spoofs, including daytime TV, game shows and a German soap opera.  Eamonn Holmes and Lee Mack are due to make special appearances in the pilot, which airs at 11pm on Channel 4.

As with previous editions of Comedy Lab, the episode will be available on catch-up service 4oD after transmission right here.

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