A Feature For Matt

Matt Holness is to direct his first full length feature.

©  Matt Holness

© Matt Holness

The reclusive star of Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace and Man To Man With Dean Learner – forever to be known in Boosh folklore as the One-Night-Only Bob Fossil (!) – is set to make his first film behind the camera via Warp Films, according to Screen Daily.

Information is thin on the ground at present, but the commission is a development on a short film Holness made last year for the company entitled A Gun For George, which tells the story of a failed thriller writer seeking violent revenge.

The short has an imdb page, which explains that Holness wrote and directed it, as well as appearing as its titular character.  Garth Marenghi would be proud!  As soon as we find out any more details, we’ll keep you peeled.

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  1. Good luck with that, though I’m not sure what other funding will happen.


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