Scientology: The Truth

Footage from Gareth Tunley‘s documentary on Scientology made late last year has emerged on YouTube.

Fearing the discovery of vaguely defined bad shit, the piece purports to be THE documentary that finally uncovers the shocking truth about Scientology.  You can see it below.

In reality, the clip was originally part of Channel4’s This Just In online campaign last year.  You can see other videos from the three month project, featuring Richard SandlingTony Way, Pappy’s Fun Club, Nico Tartarowicz, Delete The Banjax, Dregs and many more, right here.  Tunley has also updated his director’s showreel, featuring samples of his work including Alice Lowe, Steven Evans, Rich Fulcher & more, which you can see over yonder.

And if you really can’t wait to see the videos from Sandling and Way, you can see the former’s Review of 2010, and the latter as a Sexy Vampire, below.

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