FootPrints All Over England

© Paul Foot

A nationwide tour has been confirmed for funny-man Paul Foot!

Foot’s new show Still Life is currently making the rounds in Edinburgh and was previously confirmed for a run at the Soho Theatre in London. It has now been announced that Paul Foot will take the show on a nationwide tour. Still Life will be shown at a number of places so take a look at the show diary to find the show nearest you. Tickets can be purchased now and are disappearing fast so grab yours as soon as you can.
Connoisseurs of Foot and art can also buy exclusive Still Life prints, signed by the artist Victoria Brook and Paul Foot himself. Those beautiful prints are a limited edition and can be found here.
For more news about Paul Foot, sign up for his newsletter! Apart from news regarding the comedian, it always contains amusing blurbs about the world around us. The latest newsletter included a special report about the London riots and suggested a few ways to prevent this from happening again. Two of these proposed solutions were “Replacing the police force with highly erotic-looking scarecrows” and “Enforcing absolute nudity upon the Zone 2 of London”.
Don’t miss Paul Foot’s Still Life at the Edinburgh Festival where it runs between 4-28 August. See this earlier peeling for ticket information and more do-not-miss acts to catch at the Festival!

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