Edinburgh Review

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is now in full swing and Velveteer Afroharold was on hand to witness the shows featuring TVO favourites, Rich Fulcher and Colin Hoult. Read all about it below.

Rich Fulcher’s Tiny Acts Of Rebellion

© Rich Fulcher

We were taken into a small, hot, darkened room with a stage and a screen. Once everyone was seated, there was an announcement to welcome Rich Fulcher onto the stage and we did.

Rich appeared dressed very smartly in shirt, tie and jacket (and trousers, it wasn’t that sort of show!).

The show has some slides, sketches, audience participation, jokes and songs, all performed by Rich in his usual 150% style with Arnab Chanda giving his all as he aids and abets Rich in the madness. The relationship between the two develops during the show, which does get quite messy in places.

One of the highlights for me was when Rich got someone to say who the most annoying person at work was, then demonstrated Tiny Acts to get your own back, including smearing your hands with lotion before shaking hands to give that wet limp feeling, which he demonstrated on Arnab.

I won’t tell you everything and spoil the fun, besides, the show will differ every time depending on the audience and the type of Tiny Acts that have been tweeted, so the best thing to do is get your tickets now and see for yourself. You won’t regret it!

If you have any Tiny Acts in mind and you’re going to the show, tweet them to Rich (@Rich_Fulcher) and he may read them out on the night.

Venue: Gilded Balloon Billiard Room, 8.30pm daily [except August 15th] until August 28th, with tickets priced at £11 for Monday-Thursday performances and £12 for Friday-Sunday performances. Concessions and selected cheaper dates are available, so book tickets now!

Colin Hoult’s Inferno

© Idil Sukan

The show started at the door when we were met by Colin Hoult himself in character. As everyone danced to their seats you could tell this was going to be an unusual hour of entertainment.

What followed was an evening in the company of some unusual characters, not all of them human, but they all developed throughout the show into complex, funny and flawed individuals who had the audience laughing out loud but also got us thinking. The audience participation was fun, even for those who were ‘invited’ on stage. Dan Snelgrove and Zoë Gardner added their considerable talents to the proceedings.

The show ended with everyone joining in and I for one left the show feeling as if we had seen something unique. We spent the rest of the evening quoting the show’s catchphrase, which I won’t mention here as it will spoil the surprise!  If you like character based comedy with a bit of a twist then this show is for you, it’s suitable for everyone over 14, so if you’re going to Edinburgh don’t miss out.

Venue:  Pleasance Two in The Pleasance Courtyard, at 7.05pm, every day until the 28th [except the 16th]. Tickets are priced £12 for Monday-Thursday performances, and £14 for Friday-Sunday performances. Concessions and selected cheaper dates are available, click here to buy tickets.

Don’t forget, as we told you last week, Colin and Rich are taking part in The Wrestling on Monday 15th August at 11pm in the Pleasance Grand Arena.

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