MasterChef: The Profezzionals

Another great sketch from the BBC Nought team has emerged online featuring a whole host of Booshniverse names.

© Tiger Aspect / BBC

© Tiger Aspect / BBC

The latest show to come under the fire of the minds of Tom Meeten and James Bachman is Masterchef, with the pair as Michael Roux Jr and Greg Wallace, setting a tough challenge for their three contestants.

And they too, should be familiar to you – as they are none other than the Steve OramShelley Longworth and Arnab Chanda [the latter currently wowing crowds in Edinburgh in Rich Fulcher’s Tiny Acts Of Rebellion!].

With another cameo from a familiar face, and some truly splendid scenes of madness, this is one of the best BBC Nought sketches yet – and can be seen RIGHT HERE on the BBC Comedy Website, as well as below.

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