Joey Page: A Bit Of Sparkle…Horse

If you don’t know about Joey Page and the man behind the brooch, then here’s your small introduction.

© Joey Page

© Joey Page

If anyone was more fitting to the Booshdom it would be Page. After Velveteers Paulyne and Aggie viewed one of his preview shows in Camden not too long ago we thought this to be the perfect time to push him into the Onion spotlight.

Joey Page has been mentioned in the same sentence as Noel Fielding many times for their similar surreal rants, anthropomorphic anecdotes and the skill to not only impress but also stun and amaze audiences with their imagination. Described by Noel as being like ‘a unicorn that he wanted to look after’ and a ‘Stylish comedian with a sonic imagination’, they were bound to bond in their own colourful world. After sharing the bill once or twice at various London comedy venues, they are soon to be seen in the same spotlight on Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy. As Page has mentioned this on his official twitter and from what we gathered after TVO spoke to Joey, we have a lot to look forward to!

With the Fielding comparison out of the way – Joey on his own is the self proclaimed (and we can vouch for him) Linford Christie of stand-up comedy. His current Edinburgh show Sparklehorse Superbrain is an hour of words and stories that make you feel like you’ve run a marathon with him at the end of it. It’s satisfying to watch and is as much fun as you can have at a comedy gig without a guitar or keyboard involved – we could round him off as the Spoken Word Ziggy.

With the basis of his show being about the bizarre but regular thoughts that pop up in any normal human beings brainbox, it’ll leave you wondering what do you think about in those precious rare moments in your busy lives? Where it’s just you and your own random thoughts. Our personal ones would be, how exactly do they build bridges? Or how do moon rocks stay on the moon and not float away? Leave some of your own pondering questions in the comments for us!

In the mean time whilst you’re thinking of your own, Mister Joey has kindly answered some of our questions to him amongst the mayhem of his Edinburgh run:

How many sugars?
2 but one if im meeting some tv producer or something as I dont want to seem like a kook.

Which Ninja Turtle are you?
Rafael- if he’s the red one otherwise the red one.

If you had a magic, wish-fulfilling snail, what would you name it?
Wishy Hardback

If you were a pub, what would you be called?
The Drink It In Inn

If you were trapped in a room with 50 5 year olds trained by Jackie Chan, how many do you think you could take on?
All of them in a rock paper sissors battle royale, I cant be beaten.

© Joey Page

© Joey Page

When you’re alone in front of a mirror, what scene from a movie are you tempted to act out?
Its not really movies with me I’d much rather pretend to be a wrestler coming to the ring but an evil one like King Kong Bundy or Papa Shango, none of this Hulk Hogan nonsense.

What song best describes your life?
I dont know what defines me maybe dedicated follower of fashion by the kinks, but at the moment I really love listening to this rapper called MF Doom, he claims to be a super villian and wears a metal mask at all times.

What Disney film defines you?
Ooh I dunno I’m so rubbish at this…probably the pink elephants scene in Dumbo is what my mind is like most of the time.

If you had the entire population of Edinburgh under a trance for 10 minutes what would you ask them to do?
Well now its time to put on my revolution guise – I would say punters and especially promoters open your minds. There is so much more to stand up comedy than straight up jokes. Come and see something original- not just me- I mean obviously me but not just me. Tony Law is amazing Sam Simmons is a genius, Rich Fulcher, Luke Mcqueen, Andrew Lawrence, Josie Long…. And yeah mainstream comics are good but we are truely original… I do comedy clubs and even people who have been doing it for years like Stewart Lee and Simon Munnery…. Sometimes at gigs even when I smash them I don’t get booked back because of my style, so id love to open edinburghs eyes and evoke the spirit of the alternative 80’s!

The perfect plug Joey.

Tickets for Sparklehorse Superbrain are available right here. Joey Page’s Edinburgh run starts August 4th t0 28th at The Tron hosted by Just The Tonic.

3 Comments on Joey Page: A Bit Of Sparkle…Horse

  1. sparklesharked // August 6, 2011 at 9:31 pm // Reply

    I love Joey Page! I think I said that before when you mentioned him in an article, but I saw his Edinburgh show last year, and it was brilliant! I hope he still does the bit with the pens…


  2. Next year I must try and go to this festival. I have never even been to Edinburgh before to visit the city. Good name for a show. I saw this guy earlier last year and he had a lot of ideas and energy, but had not really perfected his set (no disrespect intended), but he must have garnered a lot more material to fill a full hour. He was fun and very watchable.


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