The Wrestling

TVO has learned of a very special event at the Edinburgh Festival: The Wrestling!

If you’ve ever wondered what wrestling and comedy together would be like, then you’re in luck.

For one night only (15th August), the 770-seat Pleasance Grand arena will be the ‘Madison Square Gardens of Edinburgh’, where you can witness ‘world-class wrestlers meet world-class comedians in a late night, heart-pounding, edge of your seat spectacular’.

© Paul Holmes

Taking part in The Wrestling is TVO favourite Colin Hoult as The Mighty Thwor (God of Thunder), who of course features in his brand new show Inferno, alongside the fantastic Rich Fulcher who will be managing one of the teams!

Among the army of comedians taking part in the ‘battle of Good vs Evil’ are Andrew Maxwell, Brendan Burns, Tom Rosenthal, Angelos Epithemiou, Humphrey Ker, Adam Riches, Russell Kane taking on various roles in the extravaganza, led by double act Max & Ivan.

To read more about the mayhem, pop over to the Spoonfed Website, over here to book your tickets, and watch the preview below for more information.


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