TVO Meets Rich Fulcher

TVO’s exclusive video interview with Rich Fulcher is now online.

We teasered you about it last month, but now here it is in all its hi-def insanity.  As many of you will know, getting anything sensible out of Rich when a camera is turned on is incredibly difficult, but we managed to find out a little bit about his 2011 Edinburgh show, Tiny Acts of Rebellion, for you to learn about below.

Rich and co-star Arnab Chanda will be bringing Tiny Acts… to the Gilded Balloon Teviot daily [except August 15th] between August 3rd and 28th, with tickets priced at £11 for Monday-Thursday performances and £12 for Friday-Sunday performances.  Concessions and selected cheaper dates are available, so book tickets here now!

4 Comments on TVO Meets Rich Fulcher

  1. Karen Simpson // August 5, 2011 at 12:33 am // Reply

    I just love me some Rich Fulcher. I hope he comes out with a Tiny Acts sequel called Larger Acts of Rebellion! Wish I was in Edinburgh right now at the Gilded Balloon!! xx


  2. I’ve got my ticket! Can’t wait to see this.


  3. Care in the community is a wonderful thing……! I take my hat off to Rich Fulcher (it’s imaginary- it lives inside a bush) here is a man who is not afraid to be utterly ridiculous and not care about it. A good toilet book…..what a phrase! With him, you get what it says on the tin – a non-sensical journey into the realms of ridiculousness, Keep it up Mr Fulcher – that sense of irreverance and craziness is a tonic in a dull, hot world.


  4. LOVE!!


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