Album “News”?

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Several news outlets are reporting that the Boosh Album is finished, due to a new reiteration of the facts by Julian Barratt this week.

As we told you last month, Barratt is filling in for Jarvis Cocker on his Sunday Service show this weekend, giving us a sneaky peek at his eclectic record colllection.

Julian has been plugging the show on fellow 6 Music broadcast, The Jon Holmes Show, which also featured a sit-in presenter – Matt Everett.  During the interview [which you can listen to here], Julian reiterated the current status of the Boosh Album, which is that it is finished, and waiting for a suitable release platform.

This, of course, has been the exact position of the Boosh Album for many months – indeed, Noel Fielding confirmed this to us in our interview in February, and Dave Brown had said words to that effect in December.  This hasn’t stopped both NME Magazine and 6 Music News running with Julian’s reiteration as if it’s exclusive news, of course!

Now, as we are asked about the album frequently, we figured it’d be a good idea to reiterate the current stance once more… and remind ourselves exactly what our regular readers will already be aware of…

♦ The album was almost completed by April 2010, as confirmed at the Apple Store Q&A, attended by, and reported on, by The Velvet Onion.  At this event, Noel and Julian explained how they can write a song in an afternoon whereas a scene for the show could take weeks to craft. Julian explained: “When I’m writing songs – I’m in heaven.”

Already at this point, they were unsure how to release them: as an album, as a series of ep’s or something grander. Typically Booshy suggestions were as a virus, or a serenading hairbrush!

♦ Dave Brown told us back in December that the release was planned for the Autumn, but had slipped into 2011 as the boys wanted to get it exactly how they wanted.  He had recently heard the latest mix, describing it as incredible and promised that: “When that comes out, it’s going to blow everyone’s head off.”

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♦ In February, Noel Fielding told us a lot more about the album, confirming it was completely finished, but they were trying to find a release date.  As he put it. “The problem is, if you’re not doing anything, if you’re not performing together or doing things as the Boosh, and you just bring an album out cold, it’s quite hard to promote it and stuff.  It’d be better if it came out on the back of something else we were doing like a film or another show or something.  Then people would be more excited.  We’re not sure, but if that doesn’t happen soon I think we’ll just stick it out and do another one soon.”

He also explained how they enjoyed visiting Electric Ladyland, and there was a heavy focus on improvisation: “We came up with an idea for a weird zombie band called The Mummy Ball and performed some of the stuff live in the studio, and it was really frightening!  Julian had tights over his face and a dress on, and looked absolutely terrifying.  We thought that’d be a good way to do it, and really different for the Boosh.”

♦ Oddly enough, the NME themselves were told all about the album’s status by Rich Fulcher back in May, and Rich reiterated this to XFM recently too.

So there you have it: the album is ready, and will come out in its own sweet mystical time.  As soon as there’s any more news, we’ll be among the first to let you know, so keep on peeling!
Don’t forget you can catch Julian’s 6 Music show, Julian Barratt’s Sunday Service, this Sunday, August 7th between 4pm and 6pm.  iPlayer links will be up on TVO as soon as possible.

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  1. I belive they will publish the album around the same time Noel’s new show will start.. that surley will give them the hype Noel talked about..


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