A Break In The Jigson

© Peeder Jigson

The latest Peeder Jigson short is now online.

Hot on the heels of Jigson’s EMPIRE Magazine appearance, the documentary series from James Bachman and Gareth Tunley continues with a look at what everyone is doing during the break in filming on The Hobbit, whilst Martin Freeman (who looks suspiciously like Richard Glover) films Sherlock.

Talking to cast and crew, it’s alarming how a couple of people working with Jigson look like familiar faces to us… there’s a bloke who looks just like Steve Oram, and another who is a dead ringer for How Not To Live Your Life star David Armand.  There’s even one that has the same face as Mongrels star Rufus Jones.  Spooky!

See for yourself at Funnyordie.com now!

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