Return To Wunderland

© Jimmy Crippen

Alice’s Wunderland has been confirmed for a full series.

The fantastical sketch show from the mind of Alice Lowe, aired a pilot episode back in April – featuring the likes of Claire Thomson, Richard Glover and Rachel Stubbings in support roles alongside Simon Greenall and Marcia Warren.  Sketches were also written featuring Antony Elvin but had to be cut for time reasons.

Following a thunderous reception from peelers, desperate to hear more, we at TVO had very high hopes the show would receive a full commission, so naturally, we’re almost as delighted at this news as Alice is!

Talking to us back in April, Alice already had plans for a series commission, telling us she hoped there would be: “lots of memorable characters, and lots of subversive, weird stuff that you might not get to see on television at the moment.  It’s a surreal fantasy that’s a little bit spooky and frightening. Wunderland should be a bit of escapism to spice up your night!”

To revisit our full interview with Alice on all things Wunderland, click here, and you can also see the first part of our video interview with Hot Brew, who may feature in the series, right here too. We’ll be bringing you more news on the show and its expected air-date as soon as we can.

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  1. YAY! I loved the pilot and sadly didn’t record it- but can’t wait for the series! Such a talent


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