Onion Talking: Robots Stripped Down

Robots In Disguise have just rounded off their UK tour this year to promote Happiness v Sadness, their fourth album. 

© Robots In Disguise

© Robots In Disguise

Last week, Velveteers Aggie and Paulyne popped down to XOYO to see Robots In Disguise blow the minds of Londoners at their penultimate gig of the tour.

The venue was rammed with dancing fans as the Robots brought down the house with their own kind of charisma, the sounds of their loud, electric new album and of course, there were a few classics thrown into the mix too. Post show, we were bundled into their dressing room to corner the girls for a quick chin wag. Our meeting was chaotic with the inclusion of phone calls, roadies and costume changes but Dee Plume and Sue Denim were everything you’d expect and more, still on the high from an epic gig and ready and raring for our questions.  Here is a sum up of our meet-up with those smashing Robots:

How did the two of you meet?

© Aggie / The Velvet Onion

Dee: I don’t know actually, I can’t remember.
Sue: Yeah, it was so long ago it was back in the 1850’s.
Dee: We just met on the street – we were both into music and we met on the street. I told her she had a cool haircut and we started a band.

How do you feel about your fans finding out about you through The Mighty Boosh?

D: Well they haven’t really – they may have done in this country but they haven’t in Europe. Cause we were touring and releasing records there and that pre-dated any of the television stuff. But it’s good isn’t it – I love the Mighty Boosh and then there’s the power of the internet!

How’s the tour been going?

D: It’s been good. It’s quite quiet actually but we’ve got some mega-fans. Tonight [in London] it’s been the most packed but it’s been good.

And now you’ve been carrying out the pledges! – how has that been?

D: The fans are great, they saved us. They paid for our record! The pledging has been great, we just made stuff up really – we hilariously called someone up and they said ‘well you’ve already called us’. We thought that was quite funny.

Speaking of the importance of the Pledge and how it had made them realise how many fans they have all over the world, Dee and Sue had nothing but praises for their fan base.

‘D: The music industry is really tough – I mean we have tonnes of people going to us ‘Come to Australia, come to America!’
S: I think because we’ve been going for quite a long time people think ‘Well why haven’t they been over, they don’t care about us’
D: But we do care! We wanna go, we just don’t have the money!’

© Aggie / The Velvet Onion

At this point, Dee had to escape us to get out onto their merchandise stool so we turned to Sue for our last few questions.

First thing being – The People’s Supermarket! How did this come about?

S: I love the People’s Supermarket! It’s right by the studio and it’s for a great cause and it’s run for the people by the people. It’s also nice because I’m in quite a creative line of work, so it’s sort of refreshing to do something like this.

We can’t end on a normal question so – If you were a pub what would you be called?

S: Well I wouldn’t be a pub cause I don’t drink – if I were a tea shop? I would be… El-ahrairah – the God of Rabbits in Watership Down.

With that, Dee popped her head back in to grab Sue and go out and meet the fans. We gave our thanks, congratulated them on a superb gig and went on our way.

If you still haven’t picked up your Happiness v Sadness CD, along with all other previous albums, you can get it right here in our shop!

We would like to extend our thanks to Francesca Clava, Dee Plume and Sue Denim for the interview.

3 Comments on Onion Talking: Robots Stripped Down

  1. Ìve found out about them through the Mighty Boosh and Im from the Netherlands…


  2. I did it the other way round, found out the boosh through rid! don’t even like boosh to be honest though.
    Robot powaaaaaa. 🙂 I was at this gig. One of the fans that your interview got cut short for, sorry! 😉


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