TVO Meets Hot Brew – Part One: Deal, Or No Deal?

TVO is proud to bring you a video exclusive with Hot Brew!

©  The Velvet Onion

Since being the subject of a JackalFilm last year, Oona & Crispin Wheatflake have appeared on many a bill alongside familiar TVO faces, and as such, we felt compelled to ask them some questions.

Our meeting took place a few short weeks ago, as our mutual acquaintances Alice Lowe and Antony Elvin persuaded the mythical folk-legends to talk to us about their lives, their beliefs, and their forthcoming appearances across the land.

You can see the first half of our resultant exploits below:

We are also pleased to confirm that Hot Brew will be making a special one-night only appearance at the Edinburgh Festival as part of a one-off Forgery Club excursion to the city.

Offering the best sketch, character & musical comedy in all of Edinburgh, the night promises treats, dancing and lots of surprises. Oh, and possibly a sacrifice.

Guests will be announced soon, but we can confirm this event takes place on “the night before the day everyone has off” – at exactly midnight on August 14th/15th, at The Belly Laugh, Underbelly, Cowgate.

For more info,  attach your lizard-suckers at the Facebook event page – and we’ll hopefully bring you further news alongside part two of our exclusive chat, very soon.

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