Beautiful Dreamer

© Stephen Evans / Richard Glover

© Stephen Evans / Richard Glover

As you’re no doubt aware, last weekend saw the tragic early passing of pop-jazz singer Amy Winehouse, and tributes have understandably been pouring in from all over the world, from the ordinary man and woman on the street right up to the higher reaches of the Hollywood A-List.

Joining this tidal wave of emotional is a curve-ball treat from Richard Glover and Stephen Evans, who have teamed up with the Green Lanes Players to record Beautiful Dreamer – a gentle, ukulele-led cover of the Stephen Foster song that’s low-fi but utterly captivating, and one of the most heartfelt of all the tributes so far.

You can hear it for yourself below:

2 Comments on Beautiful Dreamer

  1. Such a shame. A lovely tribute to a beautiful, talented woman…sadly missed, but her music lives on.


  2. Love this. Beautiful song.


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